The Author Hour: Your Guide to Fantastic Fiction hosted by Matthew Peterson


Listen to interviews of your favorite authors like Dean Koontz, Anne Rice, Christopher Paolini, Terry Pratchett, R. L. Stine and many more.

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Author Interviews

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Upcoming Schedule  (some shuffling might occur as new guests are added to the list)

October 2009 (3 shows)
November 2009 (3 shows and one "Best of" episode during Thanksgiving)
December 2009 (3 shows and 2 rebroadcasts)
January 2010 (4 shows)
February 2010 (1 show)
  • Feb 4: Speculative Fiction
    • Mary Pope Osborne (#1 NYT bestselling Magic Tree House series, former Authors Guild president, 53 million books sold)
    • Cory Doctorow (NYT bestselling Little Brother and Makers, Boing Boing blog, top 10 Forbes web celebs)
    • Mindy Klasky (bestselling and award-winning Glasswrights, Jane Madison, and As You Wish series)
    • Garth Nix (NYT bestselling Old Kingdom, The Seventh Tower, and Keys to the Kingdom series, 5 million sold)
April 2010 / May 2011 (1 show)

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